Mayekawa de México

50 years of experience in Mexico support Mayekawa, we are one of the most advanced companies in the manufacture of industrial refrigeration compressors.

Through our business centers, we provide high technology solutions in the development of industrial cooling systems, including the manufacture, export and marketing of high quality refrigeration equipment for the food, beverage or chemical production industry among others.


  • - Technology and Innovation - Our technology is constantly developed for the benefit of our clients in the different markets, focusing on continuous improvement to provide products and solutions that take care of their economy, facilitating their operations while protecting the environment.
  • Reliability and Quality - We offer optimal products and services, which consistently maintain their operating standards in time and in the volume of results required.
  • Honesty and Integrity - We offer our clients the honesty and integrity that rules us in our personal lives, acting with clarity and congruence in the fulfillment of our commitments, avoiding the clash of interests for the generation of business profitability.
  • Service attitude - Our clients are the reason for our existence as an organization, that's why our proposals and service responses are congruent to their needs in time, service, quality, economy and effectiveness.
  • Self-development and High Performance Teams - We promote self development among our collaborators, focusing on the solution of problems with business mentality, initiative and institutional commitment, thus integrating high performance teams, where each collaborator is self-directed and therefore considered a vital part in the success of our organization.
  • Social responsability - We serve our environment, developing technologies that respect the environment, through innovative processes that generate low energy consumption, recyclable components and low emission of pollutants.
  • Austerity - We achieve the fluidity of our operation by being highly consistent, through the elimination of excesses and avoiding waste to the maximum, achieving as a result solutions proposed with cutting-edge technology, high quality and low cost for our customers.

Our vision has its foundations in the business philosophy of the 5 S's, implemented in all our actions by employees, contractors, students, suppliers of products and services, of our company.