Board of Exporters of Poultry and Egg of the United States - USA Poultry and Egg Export Council. USAPEEC is present throughout the world through its international network of offices and consultants. Its experienced international staff performs mainly two activities:

1. Communication:
Maintain close communication with importers, distributors and other key contacts involved in international trade.

2. Promotional activities:
Carry out promotional activities to support the export of products from the US poultry and egg industries. In Mexico in particular, there are very positive relationships with the National Union of Poultry Farmers and several joint projects that result in a greater consumption of poultry products in the NAFTA region are carried out.


  • A primary task of the USAPEEC Office in Mexico is to promote a closer relationship between poultry meat processing and processed meat products companies with their counterparts in the United States. The objective is to take advantage of the strengths of each industry and promote greater commercial integration in order to promote greater consumption of poultry products in the North American Region and to take advantage of the opening of export markets.

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